With an imagination the size of a small planet and a sense of humour to match, it's no wonder that Amanda creates some very unique pieces, be it a snail on a zimmer frame or a budgerigar on a parachute. All painted on 36" x 24" box canvas with acrylic paints her attention to detail is something she constantly strives to perfect. A diverse and eclectic mixture of fantasy and surrealist art in an ever growing collection !


  • Fairy Fears
  • Pondland
  • Fuscia
  • Hen Night
  • Lifes a Beach
  • Parachuting Budgies
  • Pigs in Slankets
  • Prawn Cocktail
  • Snail on a Zimmer
  • Something Fishy
  • slider
  • The Mermaid
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Something Fishy ?
Lifes a Beach !
The Kippers arms
Fish 'n Chips
Prawn Cocktail :-)
- - - - - - When the oceans are full of plastic, the sealife shall walk the earth ! - - - - - -
The Parachuting Budgies.
Fairy Fears - Tom Cat
Fairy Fears - The Wasp
Edgars Outing
Pigs in Slankets
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Club Night Out.
Fancy Dress Night.
The Hen Night.
Fairy Fears - Peek-a-Boo.
Oh Lucille !

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