If you're wondering about the title of this section, ' Wave Goodbye ', then there is a perfectly good explanation.

Amanda is very passionate about all things to do with animal welfare and the natural environment. This includes the damage we are doing to our seas and the marine life within it by plastic waste and pollution. The waste we carelessly dispense into our oceans is slowly but surely killing off the marine life within it and unless we find ways to prevent further pollution, sadly we will ' wave goodbye ' to more and more species. There is no way back from extinction for these lost species nor any excuse for their suffering caused by our misuse of a beautiful planet.


' Recipe for Disaster '
' Going Going .... Gone ! '

Original pictures are 24" x 16", Acrylic on box canvas.

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' Recipe for Disaster ' is Amanda's way of using her sense of humour to get across the message of how the pollution we cause is harming our vulnerable marine life. From the plastic waste that traps and injures creatures to the micro plastics that are ingested, our waste is causing incalulable harm to this wonderful marine environment.
' Going, Going ... Gone' , that well known auction phrase is aptly used here to describe how priceless species of marine life are being pushed to the brink of extinction by our careless attitudes to the waste we create. There is no return from extinction, and these plastic wrapped specimens, a take on the goldfish bags from fairgrounds of old, demonstrate the fragility of our marine species.


' Weeping Waves'
36" x 24" Acrylic on Box Canvas

Completed in early 2022, Weeping Waves was inspired by Amandas concern about the way our modern wastefull lifestyle is polluting our oceans and killing a myriad of sea life.


Without water, there is no life, and yet we continue to pollute the very thing that breathes life into every corner of our planet. This picture portrays how a thing of beauty can become so ugly by our own greed and complacency.










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