' Oh Lucille ! ' . . . . ( Negan from the Walking Dead )


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Title .... ' Oh Lucille ' - 16" x 20" acyrlic on canvas.

In 2018, Amanda saw a competition on the Talent House website to create artwork for Fox Studios, The Walking Dead.

She decided to try a whimsical portrait of the character Negan.

Negan's character comes across as having a wicked sense of humour as is shown with some of the classic phrases he utters with some style. He also has an obsession with his bat as a physical form of his beloved but dead wife Lucille. Amanda decided to use her own sense of humour to combine the two to produce this image of Negan with Lucille :-).

Despite not winning anything against very strong competition from talented artists, she did get some very complimentary reviews and comments.




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