The Skullduggery section showcases Amanda's exploration of the Ed Hardy style of painting consisting of skulls and roses in a gothic style.

Here Amanda has used acrylic paints to create these unique female torso's .




( Click the controls for a 360 view )


The same style is used here to create designs using acrylic paint on canvas boards in the correct aspect ratio to wrap around mugs.





The Skullduggery designs lend themselves well to a range of other items including 11 oz tea / coffee mugs and tobacco tins etc.


( Available to buy in the It's Art O'Clock shop )

Please contact Amanda if you are interested in stocking her mugs !

The skullduggery range includes this set of four designs featuring opposing emotions on either side.

Saint & Sinner, Love & Hate , Good & Evil , Friend & Foe all feature with the skulls and roses backgrounds.





The Wicked design follows the style of the earlier skullduggery designs but bears a single heart instead of two opposing hearts.

Amanda painted it with a view to setting it on other product ranges such as mouse mats, ipad cases etc.

Its size and shape lends well to sublimation printing onto ipad cases such as the example on the right .

Click for large image
Click for large image



Wicked mk 2



Two more designs within the Skullduggery range are the wicked Mk 2 and the Pride rainbow designs.

The Wicked mk 2 has two different wicked heart designs, one on each side.

The Pride mug for the LGBT community has two hearts painted in the colours of the rainbow and one skull of each rainbow colour all surrounded by pink roses.




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